Conversion of Decimal Numbers to the Fractions

This platform shows that how to convert decimal (up to 3 decimal places) to fractions, in a very simple form.

Please Enter Zero Before The Decimal Number Like(0.1,0.34, values)

Or click any decimal number to see it as a fraction.

Since fractions and decimals are used frequently in daily lives, it is important to know how to convert decimals into fractions and vice-versa. For converting fractions into decimals, it is very important for us to know how to break the decimal into parts. The first step which needs to be done to convert decimal to a fraction is to find the place value of the decimal. The decimal system is based upon the power of tens, i.e., each number after the decimal position keeps on increasing in the power of tens. So, the first number after the decimal position has the value of tens, the second number hundreds, and so on.

Here we have provided you with the useful tips on how to convert terminating as well as non-terminating numbers into their respective fraction value. We have also provided you here with the decimals numbers up to three decimal places. So you can find their fraction values by clicking on them.