Conversion of Decimal Numbers to the Fractions

This platform shows that how to convert decimal (up to 2 decimal places) to fractions, in a very simple form.

Please Enter Zero Before The Decimal Number Like(0.1,0.34, values)

Or click any decimal number to see it as a fraction.

When we want to convert decimals into fractions, it is easy to convert the simple decimals into fractions, since we can visualize them as fractions. For instance, for the number 0.5, we can instantly make out its fraction value to be ½. But for decimals which require a bit complicated calculations to convert into fraction value, such as 0.45, 0.62, etc. you need to calculate to convert these decimals into fractions.

Here we have provided you the complete guide on how to convert different kinds of decimals, such as terminating and non-terminating, into fractions. So you can follow the steps to convert any decimal into fraction.

We have also provided you here with a decimal to fractions convertor, in which you can enter any decimal number up to 10 digits and get its corresponding value in fraction. In this page, we haev provided you here with various two-digit decimal numbers lesser than 1. So you need to just click on them to get the result in fraction value.